Whiten teeth

I leaned how to directly change the color of someones teeth more white.By using  the tools in Photoshop. The lasso tool to select it then changing the saturation and contrast of the image.Then touching up spots I missed with the brush tool.

Photo correction

Here I learned how to change the lighting and color saturation of a image in Photoshop.By using the auto present then fixing  it on my own. By moving the color lines or changing the color mutually.  

Store front corrected

Here I learned how to remove a object from a image in Photoshop. By using the tools Photoshop provides to us. First by erasing the object in the image. Then replacing it with the surrounding environment. Thais what i learned.

Character animator video 6

I learned how to use triggers and ow they can swap out pieces of art work at a time.Or how triggers can swap out animations and how to edit them in the behaviors panel. Also how the triggers in the face can add more life to the character.How to make them switch with each other.